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Passionate about helping risk takers, problem solvers and entrepreneurs succeed by supporting their human resources strategy.

About Us

Why Us?

We’re betting you didn’t go into business specifically to manage people.  Keeping up to date with changing laws, being competitive in the job market or just managing your employees can be overwhelming at times.  We’re here to help!  Whether you're just getting started, your HR “function” is a bunch of files in the payroll clerk’s office or your HR Manager simply needs some assistance, utilize our expertise so you can focus on yours.  Industy expertise in technology, hospitality, transportation and health services.

Who We Are

Darcey McAllister has over 20 years of hands-on HR experience at both the strategic and tactical level.  She takes time to learn about her client’s businesses so she can customize her support to meet their actual needs.  Her creative yet pragmatic approach results in practical solutions to often difficult problems.  She holds SPHR, GPHR, SHRM-SCP certification and earned her MBA from Seattle U.

Joel McAllister has a JD and an MMA from Willamette University. He has extensive experience in areas of compliance, personnel management and operations.  His focus is on compensation and pay equity.   He's also skilled in conflict resolution.

Why People Call Us

Here are some of the common questions we get… 

  • We just can’t seem to keep people.  Can you figure out what we’re doing wrong? 
  • We just got our funding.  Can you help us plan our people strategy?
  • We have a handbook that is 10 years old.  Can you update it? 
  • We had a harassment complaint.  Can you investigate? 
  • We plan for 20% growth next year.  Can you get us ready?
  • What is this Equal Pay Law all about?  Can you help us prepare?
  • We fired our Office Manage who theoretically managed HR.  Can you help clean up this mess? 

The answers to all of these is “YES”!

Our Services

BuildYourHR for Start-Ups

There’s so much to do when you’re starting your own business!  We realize you probably don’t need a full-blown HR function yet.  Heck, you may only have a few employees.  But there are some basics all companies need in place to comply with regulations, protect yourself and set you up for future growth.  Our BuildYourHR program will lay the foundation so your HR function can grow as you grow.    

People Strategy

While you may have the coolest technology or the perfect product, your people are still the key to making your business thrive.  We help you proactively plan your human resources strategy to maximize employee value by actively engaging them in your business.  And if something goes awry with your staff, we're there to help resolve the issue.  

Leadership Development

We recognize that many times leaders have been put in place because they were good at something other than managing people.  Whether it is individual coaching, group training sessions or building customized leadership development programs, we help managers grow into leaders. 

HR Fitness Check

How “fit” is your HR function?  Do you comply with regulations?  Is HR efficient?  Does HR add value?  Does it support your organizational strategy?  Our comprehensive HR fitness check reviews current people management practices to evaluate regulatory compliance, process efficiency and strategy.  The resulting report provides insight into what areas of your HR function are “healthy” and where you might need some firming up.


Ensuring you're up to date on all the latest regulations can be a full-time job itself!  We help companies navigate the complexity between state and federal law and assist with compliance.  Topics such as the Equal Pay Law, Oregon Sick Pay, wage and hour issues or how to apply the various leave laws can be daunting.  We will work with your leadership to effectively meet compliance requirements.  


In an ideal world, all your employees will come to work, love their job and be happy.  In reality, that's not always the case.  When employees report issues like harassment or other complaints are you prepared to respond?  Investigations can be highly charged and time consuming.  Often its a good idea to bring in someone experienced in investigations who can be objective.  We'll help you resolve the issue quickly so people can be comfortable and get back to work.  

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